Head/Heart/Gut Trio

It is easy to relate to the three types of intelligences intuitively. The thinking and cognition based head intelligence is often well respected and measured through IQ tests and academic performance. It is the port of call for logical, analytical and dispassionate decision making. Heart intelligence on the other hand is the home of feelings where we choose what is valuable and precious to us. It allows us to nurture trusting relationships as well as act from a standpoint of love and compassionate. Gut intelligence can be defined as fast track routes in decision making that the brain has learned unconsciously through past experiences. It has to do with fast, automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that can be labelled as intuition or hunches. The brain has a tendency to tag important experiences with emotions. When similar situations arise in the future, these same emotions/body sensations are triggered there by signalling that a similar outcome as in the past can be expected. This wiring is what leads us to hunches that can also be understood as internally developed heuristics of the mind. Gut intelligence links closely with body intelligence and is easiest seen in the sports arena where the body controls its own performance with complete rhythm and flow.

Needless to say we need all three intelligences to live an optimal life. The heart provides the inspiration and courage which is aligned with the body energy and intelligence in order to achieve goals and well being with the help of dispassionate guidance from the head. The smartest way to achieve this harmony is by tapping regularly into all here networks to ensure they are aligned and working in harmony.