Lessons in Excellence

There are lessons in excellence all around us. All we have to do is default to OPEN in order to recognize them and then internalize them. It is our endeavor to bring you interesting ideas from industry leaders and thought leaders here.


Eric Schmidt talks about smart creatives. These are product folks who combine technical knowledge with business expertise and creativity to yield a potent combination. According to him the only way to succeed is to attract smart creatives and foster an environment where they thrive at scale. He believes:

  •  Opportunity is everywhere
  • Smart creatives are everywhere
  • Ambitious people who want to build a team of the latter to pursue the former are everywhere

Schmidt reminds that the CEO needs to be the CIO (Chief Innovations Officer):

  •  Innovation can’t be owned or ordained, it needs to be allowed
  • You can’t tell innovative people to be innovative, but you can LET them be.

Getting the communication right for smart creatives is vital:

  •  When it comes to communication
  • Default to OPEN
  • Maximize the velocity and volume of information flow

And then it is not about consensus:

  •  It’s not about everyone agreeing
  • It’s about everyone being heard and then rallying around the best answer

It is essential to:

  •  Listen to the lab coats and not the suits
  • And get the lab coats to produce prototypes, not slideware

And finally:

  •  Try to imagine the unimaginable
  • And then make a bet on that future
  • Remember big bets can sometimes be easier
  • To achieve than small ones…
  • Since they attract the best people!

Source: HowGoogleworks