To achieve high levels of self mastery & accomplishment, it helps to have secure & meaningful relationships that allows us to be who we are without pretence or apology. Step1 in this journey is understanding our relationship with our self. This section gives a glimpse into what it means to be you – your personality, your unconscious biases and filters and further invites you to understand your relationship with other people in your world.

To put it into context, we can understand our well being via the Mind – Brain/Body – Relationships triangle. The first pillar is the brain/body continuum, the physical manifestation of where the neural processing happens, experiences are FELT and bodily actions carried out. The mind science section delved on this. The second pillar is relationships with other people and the world at large that form a big part of our identity. People Science section will give you a peek in to this. Finally, the mind makes sense of it all: validating the objective and subjective experiences of our life and regulating the intertwined energy / information flows in our human system. Mind training helps you hone this entire process.