Train your mind and cultivate skilful behaviours & habits

Performing at the top of your ability can leave low margin for error. This leads to challenges such as rapid skilling up, high stakes decisions, stress, anxiety, fear, relationship friction and more. In the solutions drop down menu, you will find science backed programs to navigate these challenges and get to the next level of success. These programs are designed to measure the efficiency of your current behaviours/habits and to reconfigure them for higher productivity and well being. To know more about the specific science underlying the programs go to The Scientific Basis further below.

Know your personality and inner mind chatter to take inspired action

You start out by understanding your personality and your inner mind chatter – the voice in your head that tells you what to do. You work on your blind spots and unconscious bias in order to remove blocks that might hamper performance and relationships. Most importantly you tap into your strengths and high energy mind/body states in order to take inspired actions.

Script positive life narratives and make them a reality

Our brains are naturally wired with a negativity bias. Our attention is drawn more to what can go wrong than what can go right. More over, the myelin sheaths in our brain circuits make us veer towards behaviours that are easy and familiar. We find ourselves giving a million reasons for not changing ourselves, even if it is for the better. In order to work against these natural tendencies, we actively script the life story we want to create and use accountability partners to stay on goal. Research shows that scripting goals and intended action plans makes the thinking process more thorough, thereby increasing our chances of success. My solutions are designed to give you the best shot at making learning and positive change a reality for you.

The Scientific Basis: Neuroscience & Pschology Findings

Recent research in neuroscience and psychology has yielded important clues on how to make our brains healthy and powerful. There are 3 key findings that form the basis of the solutions you will find on my menu:

1. Neuroplasticity of the brain allows us to shape it through training and challenging tasks

Neuroplasticity is the phenomenon whereby the brain continues to grow, change and reshape itself through our life experience. Our experience in turn is shaped by our thoughts, emotions and actions in response to the environment. By actively observing our inner experience, we can understand first hand the underlying brain mechanics of our mind. Further by nudging our attitudes & actions, we can shape our brain into a super fit state of productivity and happiness.

2. Epigenetics shows that a conducive environment is vital for a healthy brain and body

Epigenetics explores how our experiences, our behaviours, our lifestyle and even our attitudes can potentially influence which genes in our genome get turned on or off. This implies that we are not left to the fate of our genetic inheritance but can exert choice and control to some degree over how our genes affect our health & well being. It has been shown that excessive stress in the environment hampers our key capacities to learn, to grow optimally, to regulate our emotions and social relationships and to heal. By proactively choosing a positive environment we can give ourselves the best shot at living a vibrant and fulfilling life.

3. Telomere research shows effective stress management increases life span

Finally, telomeres, the structures at the end of our chromosomes responsible for cell generation, show that the level of stress we experience and our ability to cope with it is directly linked to our life span. Higher the perceived stress, shorter the telomere and shorter the life span. Practices such as mindfulness and other stress coping strategies have shown to have a positive effect on telomere length and consequently our longevity